NANA’s Mission

To improve the quality of life for our people by maximizing economic growth, protecting and enhancing our lands and promoting healthy communities with decisions, actions and behaviors inspired by our Iñupiat Ilitqusiat values consistent with our core principles.

NANA is one of the 13 Alaska Native Regional Corporations formed after the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Nixon in 1971. Alaska Native Regional Corporations are for-profit corporations and have a significant impact on Alaska’s economy. Shares issued by Alaska Native Regional Corporations cannot be sold or traded, though some shares may be passed down and inherited by family members.

NANA has over 14,300 Iñupiat shareholders living in or originating from the northwest region of Alaska. NANA Shareholders and their ancestors have called this region home for more than 10,000 years.

As part of the NANA family, NANA Worley is committed in helping NANA fulfill its mission. We offer NANA shareholders hiring preference, training opportunities, internships and scholarships.


NANA Worley wants all Alaskans to lead healthy and active lifestyles. Skiku/NANANordic is an organization that aims to foster the health and recreational benefits of skiing, biathlon and running through sustainable programs across Alaska. With Skiku/NANANordic, we are able to promote healthy recreational activities in the NANA region with the community of Shungnak.


BWISE (Businesses Working in School Environments) is intended to create a relationship between businesses, schools, youth and communities. NANA and its subsidiaries visit communities from the region annually and partner with the schools to create activities that help students develop lifelong skills. NANA Worley has been partnered with Shungnak since 2009 and Ambler since 2015.

Shareholder Training

Our Shareholder Design Capability Initiative partners with educational providers to identify and create educational opportunities for NANA Shareholders in the technical fields of drafting, design and engineering. Through design intensives and internships, NANA Shareholders receive hands on training to help prepare for a career with NANA Worley.

Shareholder Internships

Internships help NANA shareholders enhance their job skills, knowledge, and abilities – to gain marketable experience that can be used in developing their career path. Internships range from engineering, drafting/design, IT, marketing and communications, resource development, to business administration in one of NANA’s many business fields.