Certified Company ISO 9001:2015

Incident Free Work Hours

Our Assurance Team

Focusing on Risk Mitigation and Quality Excellence in everything we do.


Safety Assurance

NANA Worley is committed to providing a safe, secure and healthy work environment for our employees, our clients and our contractors' personnel. Our goal is zero harm to our employees, contractor personnel and the environment.

We expect excellence in safety, health, and environmental performance to be achieved through the active participation and support of management, all employees and contractor’s personnel. All employees and contractors of NANA Worley shall work to safeguard their own safety and health and perform their work in a manner which protects themselves, their fellow workers, the general public, the environment and the assets of NANA Worley and our customers.

No part of our business is more important than safety - an injury and accident free workplace is our goal.

Quality Assurance

NANA Worley strives to consistently provide quality in our products, excellence in our service and the best value in meeting our customers’ needs.

We are committed to working with our customers to understand the quality needs of their business and to continue to meet their requirements. NANA Worley believes that quality is a key part of our company culture. Our quality program is integrated into every step of every project, and is part of how we do business.

NANA Worley's quality program aims to:

  • Ensure deliveries are made on time
  • Meet our client’s expectations
  • Increase our client’s satisfaction
  • Improve company efficiency
  • Increase our employee’s satisfaction